Tame the Summer Sun with Graber Custom Shades

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At this time of year, the hours of sunlight per day – and the intensity of that light – are increasing. Tame the strong summer sun IN STYLE with Graber Custom Shades! Choosing window treatments can be overwhelming. You can rely on ANDRIOTS to help make decisions that increase the comfort of your home while reducing the likelihood of buyer’s remorse or costly mistakes.

We are proud to provide our customers with a wide selection of window treatments by Graber including shades, blinds, shutters, sliding panels, custom drapery, valences, and cornices.

This blog post focuses exclusively on Graber shades:
* Cellular Shades
* Layered Shades
* Natural Shades
* Pleated Shades
* Roller Shades
* Roman Shades
* Sheer Shades
* Solar Shades

Use Graber Shades to Soften the Light

Don’t panic! We’re going to walk through these options together. The most important thing for you to know is that Graber manufactures high-performance shades in a wide variety of premium fabrics.

Shades are a single solid window covering made from textiles. There are no slats that can be tilted open or closed. When choosing between shades or blinds, consider how you want the window to look (hard or soft) and how much you need to soften or block the amount of light entering the room.

Shades are often used to filter or soften the amount of natural light, rather than blocking it out completely. Blinds, on the other hand, offer more light and privacy control options because they can be raised and lowered, and the slats can be tilted open or closed.

Use Graber Shades To Help Insulate Your Rooms

Fight Drafts Cellular Shades fight drafts and keep outside air from entering your home. Their fabric “pockets” trap hot or cold air for greater energy efficiency.

Block UV Rays, Heat Build-Up, and GlareSolar Shades are engineered to let in the light, while protecting you and your furnishings from damage related to strong sunlight. Solar shades provide protection without darkening the room. They are semi-opaque, so you still see what’s happening outside the window. Layer Solar Shades under Graber custom draperies to provide additional design options.

Block UV Rays but let in as much Light as possibleSheer Shades go from sheer and clear to private and serene in seconds. Sheer Shades block harmful UV rays while gently filtering light for an airy, luxurious look.

Match Graber Shades To Your Decorating Style and Lifestyle

Are you a design minimalist? Is your home characterized by straight lines, crisp fabrics, and no clutter? We highly recommend Graber Pleated Shades. Available in 1″ and 2″ pleat sizes, EvenPleat® shades come with extra back ladder support that prevents sagging, extending the life of your shade. Pleated shades feature premium fabrics in stunning patterns and natural textures.

Graber Roman Shades are a go-to for interior designers. Traditionalists will gravitate to the streamlined Graber Fresco Roman collection. Core Cottage fans craving lush, colorful fabrics will fall in love with the Graber Artisan collection.

Concerned about coordinating window coverings across multiple zones in a room or across multiple rooms in a house? Graber Roller Shades combine a clean, structured line with appealing fabrics in rich solids and sophisticated patterns. The same fabric pattern is offered in different opacities – allowing you to find the right privacy level for each room and better coordinate shades throughout your home. Graber Roller Shades can also be combined with other custom drapery options.

For homeowners concerned about reducing their carbon footprint and protecting the environment, Graber Natural Shades are handwoven from sustainable materials (jute, bamboo, reeds, grasses). The unique variations, textures, and patterns of these natural materials is part of the shade’s appeal. All materials are hand-selected to comply with rigorous standards.

Finally, what if you like the functionality of blinds but simply prefer a fabric covering for your window? Graber Layered Shades combine alternating bands of sheer and opaque fabrics that mimic the placement of slats and open spaces in a typical blind. When open, the fabric layers align to gently filter light through the sheer material. As an added benefit, the elegant woven fabric blocks harmful UV rays from penetrating your interior space.

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