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Andriots invites you to explore the Benjamin Moore 2022 Color Trends Palette, including the celebrated Color of the Year – October Mist.

Each year, Benjamin Moore’s color and design experts gather inspiration from the United States and abroad to select their Color of the Year and the corresponding Color Trends palette.

The Benjamin Moore team notes developments in a variety of disciplines – fashion, furnishings, lighting, home accessories, visual art, and architecture – as well as themes in nature, entertainment, and contemporary global cultures.

From Benjamin Moore’s library of more than 3,500 colors, the designers then curate a Color Trends palette that balances modern-day relevance with a long-lasting appeal.

Designers immediately embraced the versatility of October Mist, as seen in these articles from Elle Décor, House Beautiful, and Architectural Digest. This gentle green shade is a classic, harmonious, choice for any setting and any season.

Benjamin Moore started his paint company in 1883. Today, the company remains committed to his original mission, inspiring and transforming our homes, communities, and lives – one brushstroke at a time.

Favored by designers and professional painters, Benjamin Moore paints are formulated to deliver superior performance and beautiful lasting results. Benjamin Moore offers an incomparable selection of authentic colors and manufactures their own resins and proprietary Gennex colorants.


VIDEO: See the Color Trends palette in motion


benjamin moore color trends palette 2022


The 2022 Color Trends Palette consists of 14 hues.

The collection colors coordinate well with each other, in a variety of interior and exterior settings, opening new creative avenues for homeowners and designers alike.

Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore’s Director of Color Marketing & Development, sums up the process this way: “Each year, we invite homeowners to use the Color Trends palette as a point of inspiration to bring color into the home in new ways.”


The Color Trends 2022 Palette includes:

  • Wild Flower 2090-20 | This unique shade of red, lightly dusted with hints of pink and orange, conveys effortless warmth and style.
  • Pale Moon OC-108  | A classic soft yellow that subtly accentuates architectural features in any room.
  • Steam AF-15 |Offering a clean yet soft look, this warm white has a wide appeal.
  • Collector’s Item AF-45 | Use this pink-tinged off-white as the perfect backdrop for treasured antiques and vintage items.
  • Mysterious AF-565 | Depending on the light sources in a room, this chameleon color can read as a compelling denim blue, black, or rich navy.
  • Quiet Moments 1563 | Part of the Benjamin Moor Classics collection, this gentle mix of blue, green, and gray exudes tranquility.
  • October Mist 1495 | This gentle shade of sage anchors and uplifts – and effortlessly offsets every other color in the 2022 Color Trends palette.
  • Natural Linen 966 | This sandy neutral offers rustic warmth and authentic elegance.
  • High Park 467 | An herbaceous green with sophisticated gray undertones.
  • Gloucester Sage HC-100 | Conjuring elegant wrought iron or rain-soaked moss, this adaptable dark hue is a viable alternative to black or charcoal gray.


You may find it helpful to consider this palette broken up into three basic groups:

Luminous Pales: Hint of Violet, Fernwood Green, Steam, Morning Dew

Natural & Botanical Hues: October Mist, Pale Moon, Gloucester Sage, High Park, Natural Linen, Venetian Portico

Refreshed Primaries: Quiet Moments, Mysterious, Wild Flower, Collector’s Item


2022 Color of the Year: October Mist

Harmonious. Reliable. Meditative. These are just three of the adjectives Benjamin Moore Paints has chosen to describe their Color of the Year 2022 – October Mist.

“Evoking the silver-green stem of a flower, October Mist creates a canvas for other colors – and your imagination – to blossom.”

Architectural Digest offers these creative tips on how to incorporate October Mist in your home:

  • This dusty horticultural hue relates to feelings of restoration, relaxation, peace, and growth.
  • Use it in any room that transitions between interior and exterior spaces.
  • Use it in a bedroom or bathroom for a balanced and restorative vibe.
  • Use it in an office to reduce stress and introduce a peaceful, natural palette.
  • Use it in a kitchen to celebrate relaxed hospitality with friends and family.
  • Paint the ceiling and the walls in October Mist to create an immersive calming experience.
  • If you have limited space and time, consider using October Mist to paint a door, a set of shelves, or a single piece of furniture.


Download the Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio Mobile App

The Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio app allows you to apply paint color to photos stored on your phone, access fan decks, and use the Benjamin Moore ColorReader to match favorite hues in your environment to existing Benjamin Moore colors.


Beyond the Color of the Year: Best-Selling Paint Colors

For discerning color aficionados whose heads are not turned by trends, Benjamin Moore also offers a catalog of their best-selling, most loved colors: whites, neutrals, grays, blacks, reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and purples.

Color Inspiration can also be found on the Andriots site. Shop our Benjamin Moore products from the comfort of your home.


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