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The Farrow & Ball
Paint System

Farrow & Ball distinguishes itself from all other paint by it’s unique interaction with light, color and texture to create a completely unique color experience.

Farrow & Ball’s three layer process assures both longevity and durability. After applying Farrow & Ball Primer/Undercoat, use two coats of your selected paint color.  Visually, this creates an unmistakable depth of color that will be sure to catch the eye. 

Interior Line

Choose from the following finishes in Farrow & Ball's
most expressive colors to completely transform your interior spaces.


Estate Finishes

The Farrow & Ball signature look provides incredibly rich color for the most elegant spaces in your home.

  • Estate Emulsion  – A traditional, responsive matte finish in 2% sheen, great for walls and ceilings.
  • Estate Eggshell – Washable and resistant to any type of stain in a 20% sheen.  Get all of the details right by applying to cabinetry, trim, and woodwork. 

Modern Finishes

Durable paint with an intense depth of color. Perfect for high-traffic spaces. 

  • Modern Emulsion – This 7% sheen provides a low gloss, washable finish that will transform the walls and ceilings inside your home.
  • Modern Eggshell – Farrow & Ball’s most durable paint with a 40% sheen, a great fit for your hardest working surfaces such as trim, cabinets, and wooden areas.

Dead Flat

Farrow & Balls most matte finish with added toughness at 2% sheen.

Dead Flat is multi-surface, and can be used across walls, woodwork and registers for an effortless full-room transformation.

It’s washable, wipe-able and scuff resistant, making it perfect for hallways, living rooms and playrooms.


What Sets Farrow & Ball apart?

Farrow & Ball paint is on a pedestal of it's own. Hover over each image to learn more

Detailed pigments mixed with only the highest quality ingredients

Farrow & Ball's rich hues interact gracefully with light to create unique color moments throughout the day

Farrow & Ball Paint presents an unsurpassed depth of color

A handpicked 132-color palette, full of history and individual stories

Prominent use of Titanium Dioxide helps create an absorbing depth of color and high light refraction

Emphasis on eco-friendly materials with minimal VOC content and odor

Exterior Line

Farrow & Ball paint is meant for the world to see. The exterior line makes that happen, and keeps your surfaces looking great no matter the weather. 

Water Resistant

The coated surface is fully safe against water damage


Moisture buildup is kept to a minimum by letting moisture escape


By allowing wood and metal to expand or contact based on the weather, cracking and peeling is mitigated

Durable and Hard

Maximum protection to counter the elements and whatever life throws at it

Mold and Algae Resistant

Avoids blistering and buildups that can cause premature paint failure

Long Lasting Color

The color you apply is the color you will maintain, even with the harshest of UV rays 


Full Gloss

There isn’t a glossier water based finish out there. This dramatic paint is highly resistant to flaking, fading, water, and peeling.


Exterior Eggshell

A formula full of flexible resin makes this a very versatile paint in any weather, allowing for both expansion and contraction.


Exterior Masonry

Using a precise blend of water resistance and breath-ability, this matte finish stands alone without a primer.

Higher quality ingredients means deeper richer colors with long-lasting, eco-friendly finishes.

Low odor. Low VOC. Environmentally friendly.

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Inspiration Booklet

Need some help with your interior design? Use this booklet to see how Modern Emulsion can transform your home.

Finishes & Application Booklet

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Discover Booklet

Learn about Farrow & Ball and the qualities that makes them standout as leaders in paint.

Exteriors Lookbook

This lookbook will help you bring your outdoor space to life using Farrow & Ball exterior paints.

Wallpaper Lookbook

Just like Farrow & Ball paints, their wallpapers are made with ultimate care that does not go unnoticed.

A look inside of what makes Farrow & Ball so special

See how Farrow & Ball finishes uniquely respond to light throughout the day