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Looking for DIY ways to freshen up your kitchen? While a total upgrade and refurbished kitchen can be a huge expense, one quick and easy way to give your kitchen a brand-new look is by changing the appearance of the cabinet doors. A new color or texture is a great way to add personal flare while not breaking the bank.

It is important to remove cabinet doors from their hinges and take off any hardware before starting a cabinet project. It can also be beneficial to clean the doors to remove any cooking grease that may have spattered on them over the years. However, once that is complete, here are three different ways to “upgrade” your kitchen cabinets on a budget:

#1 – Pick a Bright New Color

While there are many different home aesthetics that cater to having darker cabinet colors, often, older-style homes include dark, worn, wooden cabinets. These dark cabinets can easily suck the light out of a room and make it appear darker and smaller. Instead, opt for a light or even bright new color to add freshness to the space. Pick a lighter shade of your favorite color to add a personalized touch!

Painting cabinets is not as simple as slapping on a few coats of paint. It’s important to sand and prime before starting any paint project. This allows for a more even and clean paint job and a flawless finish.

#2 – Distress or Antique for Rustic Look

A rustic finish to cabinets can add a hint of character to any kitchen and take a drab white cabinet to a whole new level. By distressing or antiquing your cabinets, you can achieve this rustic style. Distressed cabinets can often be achieved by layering light and dark colors and spattering paint to create a non-perfect look to the paint job. Or, if you want to take an easier route, consider an antiquing glaze to easily get the look.

Just because this is a rustic look, doesn’t mean that you can’t still achieve a smooth finish. It is just as important to follow all the same steps you would for painting cabinets (i.e., sand, prime, etc.). It is also important to finish a rustic look with a non-yellowing sealer to preserve the look and ensure that the distressed look will remain flawless for years to come.

#3 – Create a Modern Look with Ultra-Gloss

Ultra-gloss cabinets are one of the newest kitchen trends. This trend simulates the look of a metal or glass cabinet without the price tag associated. In addition, a glossy finish repels dirty fingerprints better than a matte finish. This beautiful finish brings a clean, modern look to any kitchen.

There are many different methods that you can use to complete an ultra-gloss finish, but the easiest way utilizes fine sandpaper and spray paint. With a smooth start from fine sandpaper, a spray paint finish can provide an even, clean layer of ultra-glossy color to create a clean, modern look.

Freshen Up with Andriots

Andriots offers a wide range of paint and finishing options that can be used to freshen up your kitchen without the huge price tag of a full kitchen renovation. If you are interested in creating a new kitchen vibe but aren’t sure where to start, contact us today. Regardless of your vision, we have the products to help you make it happen!