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Ready Seal® is a professional grade product perfect for DIY projects

Ready Seal® wood stain and sealer is a professional grade wood finishing product. Ready Seal® offers superior benefits – ease of application, maintenance, beauty, and durability – for your project. Ready Seal® provides hassle-free application, promising a Goof-Proof™ process for homeowners and time-savings for contractors.

For many homeowners, their first DIY staining project may be staining their deck or fence. Soft woods and hard woods both require refinishing. The right wood stain can make even ordinary wood appear more expensive and elegant. Proper maintenance ensures an attractive patina that endures over time.


Select the right Ready Seal® product for your wood type

Consider these four factors when selecting a suitable wood stain for any project:

  • Color – Light or dark? Are you trying to match the exterior paint scheme of the property or seeking to complement colors used on the exterior of the home?
  • Coverage – What level of opacity do you desire? Do you want to see the wood grain through the stain? Perhaps you prefer to cover the grain completely.
  • Wood Condition – You may need to sand and clean the surface before testing stains to find the product that meets your needs.
  • Wood Texture – Is the wood porous, rough, or smooth? Texture changes how the stain will appear when dry.


Ready Seal® FAQs

Ready to tackle your refinishing project with Ready Seal®? Increase your success rate by reviewing these answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about use of this product.

Question: What is the wood preparation process before using Ready Seal®?

Answer: First, clean the surface, removing any mildew, dust, dirt, oil, or grease. Ready Seal recommends applying one-part bleach and three-parts water.

All previous stains and sealers must be completely removed. Caustic strippers must be neutralized thoroughly.

After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with water. Let dry completely for 48 hours before staining. Wet or humid conditions outdoors may require a longer pre-stain dry time.

Ready Seal is a penetrating stain. Take special precautions when working around porous stone and concrete surfaces. Protect against overspray and cover all plants and vegetation with plastic drop cloth before applying Ready Seal.

Question: What if I’m replacing boards or my project includes different ages or types of wood?

Answer: Due to differences in wood grain, age and porosity, color variances will be noticed in projects containing both new and old boards.

Always test in an inconspicuous area to test for desired color.

Older wood appears darker in color because it absorbs more stain, while new wood tends to be lighter in color. Different species of wood also accept stain differently.

Question: Are there any temperature restrictions when applying Ready Seal?

Answer: There are no temperature restrictions for applying Ready Seal.

The main requirement is to make sure the wood is clean and VERY DRY with a moisture content of 12% or less. When in doubt, use a wood moisture meter to determine moisture content.

Make sure to follow our other wood preparation recommendations, including removing the lid and stirring the product well before applying. Don’t just shake the can.

While application can be done in any temperature, please do not store the product in a garage, shed, or any location where the temperatures are very hot or very cold.

Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures could cause a permanent separation of oils and pigments.


Ready Seal® Tips & Tricks

You’ve cleaned your wood and let it dry fully, confirming a moisture content of 12% or less.

Before you start your project, please review these helpful tips and tricks.

Never spray Ready Seal on windy days.

Pour buckets with the spout at the 12 o’clock position to avoid sloshing and spills. When pouring stain into sprayers or other containers, always pour while standing over grass or a tarp, not over driveways or concrete.

Because oil is lighter than water, wetting surfaces such as driveways, patios or plants prior to application prevents unwanted stains on such items. Rinsing areas again after staining washes away the floating oils.

Brush areas of fences or decks that are close to a house or garage first. Brushing out a few feet allows for prevention of overspray on brick or siding. Use cardboard or spray shields to help control overspray.

When spraying fences, buy a four-foot-wide roll of construction paper and lay sections of it right up to the base of the fence. The paper will protect the grass next to the fence from overspray and spills.

Always keep a gallon of paint thinner or mineral spirits close by to clean any spills immediately.

More Tips & Tricks can be found on the Ready Seal blog.


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