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Estate Finishes

The Farrow & Ball signature look provides incredibly rich color for the most elegant spaces in your home.

  • Estate Emulsion  – A traditional, responsive matte finish in 2% sheen, great for walls and ceilings.
  • Estate Eggshell – Washable and resistant to any type of stain in a 20% sheen.  Best used for cabinetry, trim, and woodwork.

Modern Finishes

Durable paint with an intense depth of color. Perfect for high-traffic spaces. 

  • Modern Emulsion – This 7% sheen provides a low gloss, washable finish.
  • Modern Eggshell – Farrow & Ball’s most durable paint with a 40% sheen, a great fit for your hardest working surfaces such as trim, cabinets, and wooden areas.
  • Dead Flat – Matte but washable and scrub-resistant. It’s safe for kids’ toys, low in VOCs. Top-quality English paint.
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Modern Eggshell – 1 Gallon



This exquisite formulation caters to those with an unapologetically discerning taste in color and an unwavering demand for exceptional quality.

A beloved choice among design connoisseurs, Modern Eggshell redefines luxury in the realm of paint finishes. With a lavish mid-sheen finish, it blends the classic heritage appeal of an eggshell finish with a modern, chic twist. The result is a finish that gleams subtly under light, reflecting just enough to highlight the richness of your chosen color.

The color depth of Farrow & Ball’s Modern Eggshell paint is genuinely unparalleled. Each shade is meticulously crafted using a unique blend of rich pigments, resulting in a multidimensional color that changes intriguingly in different lights and times of the day. It’s a delight for the true color aficionado who appreciates the intricate nuances of bespoke hues.

Modern Eggshell’s hard-wearing and durable properties make it a practical choice without compromising on style. Resistant to scuffs and stains, it gracefully endures the rigors of daily life, retaining its charm and allure year after year. This is the embodiment of longevity, delivering a long-lasting color that remains vibrant and fresh.

The paint glides smoothly onto surfaces, ensuring an even coverage that brings out the depth and richness of the color. Whether you’re reviving a beloved piece of furniture or transforming an entire room, Farrow & Ball’s Modern Eggshell paint delivers a flawless finish that commands attention.

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