DAP Premium Color Match Wood Filler 16 Ounce





DAP PREMIUM WOOD FILLER with Chameleon Technology is a custom 3-in-1 filler and sealer, wood filler, grain filler and sealer coat. A unique water-based wood filler that allows you to more accurately match existing wood tones to create a repair that is seamless and invisible. Premium Wood Filler accepts all types of stains, tints and finishes in the wet state for an exact match or to add a touch of color to your project. Accepts all types of topcoats and finishes once dry ensuring a flawless finish. Premium Wood Filler can be used as a wood putty, edge filler or crack filler or can be thinned out with water and used as a grain filler to fill natural wood pores to achieve a smooth, tabletop finish. Won’t sink, shrink, crack or fall out and is tough enough to handle screwing, planning, cutting, drilling, sawing and routering. Easy to use, easy water clean-up and dries fast allowing you to finish your wood repair or project faster. Interior/Exterior.