Andriots Signature Ceiling White



Quality ceiling paint for the right price



The Andriots Signature PLUS Ceiling Paint 1 gal. showcases a durable, latex formula that is specifically designed for use on painted or primed interior ceilings of any texture. This spatter resistant formula minimizes the glare and provides a mildew-resistant locking finish. This formula also maintains the original acoustical ceiling properties.

ESTIMATED COVERAGE: Covers approximately 200 – 300 square feet per gallon, depending on the method of application and the porosity of the surface to be painted.

ESTIMATED DRY TIME: Dries to touch in approximately 1 – 2 hours, for recoat in 4 – 6 hours, or after allowing to dry overnight, depending on conditions.

CLEAN UP: Clean up any minor spills or spatters immediately with soap and water.

THINNING: Stir thoroughly then add 1/2 pint of clean water per gallon