Acacia Wood Mates For Large



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The NEW Larger Size Big Green Egg Acacia Wood EGG Mates ®21 x 15 inch (53 x 38 cm) ? are crafted from sustainably harvested?acacia wood with strong mortise and tenon joints ? the preferred?style of joint for quality furniture and cabinet work. The Mates?are finished to match the EGG Handle and the Big Green Egg?Acacia Tables for consistency within the product line.
  • No visible screws?from above.
  • Same brackets as current Mates.
  • Light coating of oil?with UV stabilizers.
  • Mortise and tenon?joints ? strong,?durable, and affected?little by expansion or?contraction due to?temperature and?humidity changes.
  • 21 inch Acacia Wood EGG Mates for 2XL EGG®121141
  • 21 inch Acacia Wood EGG Mates for XL EGG ®121134
  • 21 inch Acacia Wood EGG Mates for Large EGG ®121127