Plan Your End-of-Summer Cookout

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Yes, school is in session for the fall, but there are still a couple weeks of sweet summer left to celebrate! September still offers beautiful weather for an outdoor gathering. For that reason, many people love to enjoy the end-of-summer with a cookout. The Big Green Egg is here to help you create the best menu for your celebration! This versatile and easy-to-use outdoor cooker can handle main courses and side dishes alike. Here are some useful egg hints to help you plan a deliciously successful end-of-summer cookout:

#1 – Keep It Simple

When you think about a cookout, do you wonder about the hoops that the host will jump through to show you a once in a lifetime culinary experience? No! Cookouts are meant to be a laid-back time to enjoy time with friends. For that reason, one of the keys to a successful cookout is simplicity. Who doesn’t love a juicy burger or a hot dog?

For the classic favorites, The Big Green Egg is your perfect grilling partner. Easily cook the perfect burger in less than 10 minutes thanks to the consistent heat provided. For a beautiful finish consider using the cast iron cooking grid. Because it can get very hot and retain that heat, it is the perfect searing surface for beautiful grill lines.

#2 Offer a Variety of Fan-Favorite Sides

Smoked Potato Salad? Cowboy Beans? Roasted Broccoli Salad? Or let’s get daring with some Street Corn! Would you believe that all of the sides that were just listed are recipes from none other than Big Green Egg? It’s true, instead of having to use a variety of different cooking tools, all of these popular cookout dishes can be made with one tool – a Big Green Egg. Plus, a variety of sides means that everyone is happy and can find something that they’ll enjoy.

The key to the versatility of the Big Green Egg? Precise temperature control and a plethora of cookware to adapt the tool into an oven, a smoker, or a grill. Exact temperatures can be reached by adjusting the patented air flow systems – enabling users to maintain accurate temperature levels within a few degrees.

#3 Spend Time with Friends, Not Cleaning

No one wants to spend hours scraping their grill and doing the dishes from cooking all day. Luckily, because all of your cookout favorites can be made with one tool, there will be significantly less dishes to clean. Plus, no scraping is required. Inside The Big Green Egg, residual heat burns away any grease buildup (much like a self-cleaning oven). Even better? With the exterior protected by a lifetime glaze, it is easy to clean the exterior of your Egg without harsh chemicals or scrubbing.

All that time saved can be used to beat your neighbor in cornhole or enjoy an extra burger…or two.

Let Andriots Help You Celebrate!

Andriots is a proud Platinum Dealer of The Big Green Egg. This means that we not only sell Big Green Eggs, but we also sell Egg Nests, Egg Tables, and all the other EGGcessories. So let us help you prepare for your end-of-summer cookout! In addition to the cookware, we have an extensive stock of the finest chips, coals, and seasoning to create the best tasting results possible for your get together. Let’s end the summer right!