Holiday Present Roundup: Best Paint Supplies

Doug Wilson

Paint Expert

My life is dedicated to providing the best painting and wood care solutions to homeowners, contractors, and commercial property owners. Expertise in all areas of paint and wood coatings problems and solutions.

The best part of the year is finally upon us: the holidays. However, picking presents for friends and family can be difficult, so we created a gift guide below, perfect for the DIYer in your life. 

  1. Present 1: 3M .35mil Hand-Masker Advanced Masking Film & 3m 12” Hand-Masker Blade

This is a two-for-one present as both parts are needed to make it work. This masking film will protect your windows, doors and other surfaces from rogue paint. With the help of the masking blade, applying the film to surfaces is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Holiday Present Roundup

  1. Present 2: Surface-Shields 24” x 50’ Carpet Protection Self Adhesive Film

Nobody wants a paint-splattered carpet from not being careful enough. The distinctive polyethylene formula is exceptionally resistant to tears and punctures, and no sticky residue will be left after removal.

Holiday Present Roundup

      3. Present 3: Dumond Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover

To get the best results when repainting, it’s always best to first strip the paint on the surface. The Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover is the safest, most effective and environmentally friendly method to remove old paint. The formula can remove up to 15 coats of paint in a single application. In addition, it’s low odor so forget inhaling smelly paint fumes.

Holiday Present Roundup

      4. Present 4: AllPro Gold Liberator Nylon/Poly Brush 

This professional paintbrush is made from purple nylon and brown polyester filaments. This formula allows for ideal paint pickup and transfer. No brush marks will be left on the surface with this brush, and it’s perfect for all projects.

Holiday Present Roundup

With so many options, we know it can be hard to pick just one. So, consider creating a painter’s gift basket instead! Let us help you choose the perfect products for that particular creative person in your life. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!