Get Creative This Holiday Season!

Doug Wilson

Paint Expert

My life is dedicated to providing the best painting and wood care solutions to homeowners, contractors, and commercial property owners. Expertise in all areas of paint and wood coatings problems and solutions.

‘Tis the season for fun, seasonal decorations around the house – but the fun doesn’t have to be isolated to the holidays! With a wide variety of specialty paints available, it is simple to take your creativity and make something spectacular out of your everyday décor. Adding your own personal flare to your house can take it from feeling drab to feeling unique, fun, and more like a home.

Here are some simple, but unique ways to use paint to get creative in your home for the upcoming new year:

#1 – Elevate with an Accent Wall

The key to a successful accent wall is for them to serve two purposes (source). For example, an accent wall that simply has a different paint color than all the other walls can stick out like a sore thumb rather than properly accent the space. Instead, an accent wall that pops and provides function to a room is the perfect way to elevate the space. Consider adding a pop of color to a wall that separates two different spaces in an open room (i.e. a home office in the living area or a storage space within the kitchen).

By adding a pop of color or sparkle to a slightly awkward wall or a misused space, you can take a sore spot and create new life by making it colorful and functional. Accent walls can also be used to define or contrast different spaces within a home and are a great way to get creative!

#2 – Add Function with Specialty Paints

Yes, paint adds character to a room, but it can also add function. With chalkboard paints and dry-erase paints, an unused wall space can easily be transformed into a functional space for planning or creative fun for the kids. Adding a chalkboard wall to an office space can create an opportunity to add a wall calendar that can easily be edited with quickly changing work schedules. Or, adding one to a kitchen can be a great way to meal plan and keep track of a family shopping list.

If you are looking for a more exciting way to incorporate chalkboard and dry-erase paint, add a dry-erase wall to a child’s bedroom to provide a space for creative outlet! Adding a dry-erase wall to a playroom can also be a great way to encourage creative exploration when friends are over to play.

#3 – Create Depth with Textured Paints

When a home is feeling a little bland or flat, it can be tempting to go all-in with colorful walls to bring new life. However, textured paints can be just effective at adding new life to a room without sacrificing the neutrals that may people love. The best part? Paints that create perceived textures can instantly liven up a room without having to take up surface space like a piece of accent furniture may.

What kind of textures are we talking? Some paints can create a marbled effect on walls, while other can create a clay or lime wash look to add warmth to a space. Plus, utilizing a textured paint is a more cost-efficient option than splurging on actual clay or marble to place on the walls.

Create Magic with Andriots

Andriots sells a wide variety of specialty paints from some of the top brands to ensure quality. If you are ready to get creative this holiday season, Andriots can help. Stop in and explore our options or contact us today to learn about our designer services. We can help you create magic and make your creative ideas come to life!