Add a splash of style to your exterior by choosing weather-resistant, energy-efficient Graber Exterior Solar Shades. In addition to superior sun and heat protection for your outdoor living spaces, sunlight is blocked before it gets inside, lowering heat gain and cooling bills.
Manufacturer: Graber

Ideal for Any Space with High Sun Exposure

  • Lower your energy costs even more by reducing heat gain outside your home
  • Protect your expensive interior décor investments from fading because of harmful UV rays
  • Construction includes a bottom notch, anchoring the shade so it doesn't flap in the breeze
  • Durable, exterior-rated fabrics and components are engineered to withstand weather, humidity, and sun exposure

    Taking Back Sun Days

  • Get the same protection indoors with the uniquely engineered design of Graber Solar Shades, which ensure protection against glare and UV rays
  • Not only do exterior solar shades block undesirable light and heat-gain, they also minimize wind and mist while letting in soft, filtered light and air to your comfortable outdoor living spaces
CONTROL TYPES A range of lift controls can be paired with your Graber Exterior Solar Shades

Continuous-Loop Lift

Smooth operation with a consistent cord length makes raising shades easier than ever, even for large, heavy shades

Motorized Lift

A safe alternative to cords with easy operation that is either automated or at the touch of a button
FABRIC OPENNESS Fabrics with a lower openness percentage block more UV rays. Fabrics with a higher percentage have a better view to the outside.

1% Openness

Offers greatest light filtering, most efficient at blocking damaging UV rays

3% Openness

Protects decor at risk from damaging UV rays

5% Openness

Blocks 95% of harmful UV rays and reduces screen glare

10% Openness

Maximizes your views to the outdoors, letting in some sunlight while still blocking glare