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  Warm days are coming! So now’s the perfect time to get your home ready for the sunny days ahead. Maintaining the exterior of your home is important to keep it sturdy and secure from normal wear and tear and any weather that comes your way. Good maintenance habits will protect your home, which of course, is one of your biggest assets. It also ensures that your family is safe and well sheltered from the elements.


The best way to begin is by making a to-do list; this will help keep you on track and get those projects finished. Here are five important spring maintenance tips to get you started.


1 – Check Spigots & Hoses


To get your outdoor water ready for spring planting and other activities, turn on outdoor spigots to make sure they’re working properly. To test for leaks, place thumb or several fingers over the spout. If the water stops running there could be a leak in the pipes, and you’ll need to inspect and make appropriate repairs. Next, connect hoses, testing for cracks and leaks as well.


2 – Examine Doors & Windows


Weather stripping and caulking can take a lot of abuse, so check these areas around your doors and windows. Remove any that are damaged and replace as needed. Doing so helps keep your home climate controlled in all seasons, saving you money year round. Check and repair screens too. This will help protect your home’s interior from insects. To make sure you enjoy that spring sunshine, why not give those windows and glass doors a thorough cleaning, too.


3 – Assess Foundation, Decks, Porches, & Patios


It’s important to keep these areas intact for the safety of your family and guests. Inspect your deck, porches, stairs, railings, and posts for damage incurred over the winter. Look for loose nails and boards, rotting wood, peeling paint, and other issues, then make the necessary repairs.  Remove any furniture and debris and clean or pressure wash to freshen up these areas. If they could use a little facelift, it’s a great time to apply a fresh coat of paint or stain, too. Check out our post,  A Deck Check Up for more outdoor structure maintenance and repair tips.


As you know, a sound foundation is crucial to the life of your home, so inspect it for damage and cracks as well.  Note those areas where pipes, wires, dryer vents, pet doors, etc. are, then caulk any cracks or gaps and perform other necessary repairs.


Don’t forget your patios and other concrete areas. Examine for any damage or places in need of cleaning. You’ll want these spaces to drain away from your home to prevent water from collecting and damaging exterior or interior surfaces. Check for and repair cracks or other issues that might create problems with drainage or be hazardous for children, guests, or pets.


4 – Inspect Gutters, Siding, Soffits, Fascia, & Trim


These items are often neglected but are in need of maintenance too. Examine siding, soffits, fascia, and trim for cracks, peeling paint, and other damage and make the related repairs. Since these surfaces, whether wood, vinyl, or other materials are exposed to the elements, they often sustain winter damage. Proper maintenance now will prevent leaks and additional harm from spring and summer storms, birds, rodents, and insects.


Keeping gutters intact prevents poor drainage and related damage to the exterior and interior of your home. Check to make sure that gutters are free of cracks or damage and downspouts are positioned correctly. Examine under eaves and areas near downspouts for discoloration and other issues that reveal leaks and related damage. Pay attention to spots where insects and small animals may try to gain access. Make necessary repairs, and clear any leaves and other debris that has accumulated during fall and winter.


5 – Examine the Roof & Chimney


The roof is an important element that protects your home, and regular maintenance will help prevent costly repairs. Weather and the sun’s damaging rays can cause harm to shingles and chimneys, particularly with older homes. If you’d prefer to stay at ground level, use binoculars to examine the roof.  You’ll want to check for general damage and loose or missing shingles. In addition, examine the roofing on other outdoor structures such as a garage, shed, gazebo, etc. This is also a good time to remove any debris from the valleys and crevices on the roof. Hire a recommended roofer to for these tasks if you don’t feel up to it.

Don’t forget to inspect the chimney for damage and debris as well, and examine the bricks or stonework, joints, and any siding around it. Consider also having the chimney cleaned by a reputable chimney sweep.


Whether you do it yourself or hire a local contractor, regular maintenance is always a wise investment. It saves time, money, and headaches in the long run. With a little effort and knowhow, you can get your place in great shape just in time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.


At Andriot’s we offer many of the home improvement tools and products that you’ll need for these tasks. From paint and stain supplies, to caulk and mildew treatment products, pressure washer rental and more, we can help you choose the right items for those upcoming projects. Stop by soon, We’ll be glad to lend a hand!


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