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Universal-Fit EGG Cover C

Cover C fits XLarge, Large and Medium EGGs in a Modular Nest + Expansion Frame. Also fits an XLarge EGG in an Acacia Table

Universal-Fit EGG Cover A

Cover A fits 2XL, XLarge and Large EGGs in Modular Nests

DRYLOK Protector Clear Low Sheen Penetrating Sealer

Just like natural and man-made stone, concrete and masonry are porous materials. They will start to break down, dust, pit, crack, and/or stain easily when subjected to weather, water, oil, and UV rays. The only way to prevent damage and deterioration is to protect surfaces with a good quality sealer. Latex base DRYLOK® Protector Clear Low Sheen Penetrating Sealer provides clear, weatherproof protection against deterioration caused by de-icing salts, household cleaners, acid, gasoline, oil, and weathering. Formulated with our exclusive SALTLOK® Technology, it penetrates into the surface and provides superior resistance to unsightly efflorescence stains (salt deposits) that are often visible on brick, block, and poured concrete surfaces.