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Corona Excalibur Chinex Paint Brush 2.5 "

  • Angular Sash
  • Hand formed chisel
  • Unlacquered hardwood Palmgrip™ handle
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Bristles
    • 1.5"" is 1/2"" Thick with 2 7/16"" Trim Length
    • 2"" is 9/16"" Thick with 2 11/16"" Trim Length
    • 2.5"" is 5/8"" Thick with 2 15/16"" Trim Length

Corona Tynex & Orel Professional Cortez Paint Brush 2.5 "

  • Angular Sash
  • Hand formed chisel
  • Unlacquered hardwood Palmgrip™ handle
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Bristles
    • 1.5"" is 1/2"" Thick with 2 7/16"" Trim Length
    • 2"" is 9/16"" Thick with 2 11/16"" Trim Length
    • 2.5"" is 5/8"" Thick with 2 15/16"" Trim Length

Crawfords Natural Blend Painters Putty Quart

Natural blend. Can be applied to new or old wood, inside or out. Contains no added white lead, asbestos, asbestos-like fibers, silica or harsh chemical preservatives. Packed in water to retain freshness. Ready to use. Interior/exterior use.


Deep Metal Tray

  • Sturdy construction provides long-lasting performance
  • 1-gallon capacity for larger projects
  • Easily latches onto ladders for added convenience

Deep Metal Tray Liner

  • Disposable design keeps metal trays looking like new
  • Deep well features a 1-gallon capacity for larger projects
  • Can be used with latex and oil-based paints

Deep Plastic Tray

  • Solvent-resistant polypropylene
  • Molded rib design, ladder-hook legs
  • 2-quart capacity
  • Rust-proof black polypropylene, resists solvents
  • Dimension - 14 1/2 l x 11 w x 3 1/2 d in.
- SKU: LCST17099Solvent-resistant polypropylene. Molded rib design, ladder-hook legs. Size: 14-1/2" L x 11" W x 3-1/2" D.

DIF Wallpaper Stripper Concentrate

Zinsser® DIF® is a unique wallpaper stripper that employs enzymatic breakdown of wallpaper paste to make wallpaper removal easy. This sets it apart from conventional strippers based on wetting agents or steamers which merely rewet and soften wallpaper paste. The DIF® patented formula combines a new and more effective blend of wetting agents and enzymes that degrade wheat paste to penetrate the paper and actively work to break down the molecular structure of the reconstituted paste.

$7.49 - $31.09

DryDex Dry Time Indicator Spackling Paste

DAP DryDex Spackling, America's #1 seller, offers a unique Dry Time Indicator that goes on pink and dries white helping identify when a patched surface is dry and ready to be sanded and painted. This patented technology eliminates the guesswork and reduces the chance of errors. It's ready-to-use formula spreads easily for fast, professional repairs.

$4.09 - $8.89

Dumond Smart Strip Paint Remover

Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover is a revolutionary paint remover formulated for newer coating systems. This product is the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendlier method to remove paints, urethanes, varnishes, acrylics, lacquers, enamels and many other finishes. This versatile product can remove up to 15 coats in a single application that can be brushed, rolled, troweled, or airless sprayed applied. Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover is user-friendly, low odor and does not require neutralization. Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover is ideal for most interior or exterior surfaces (wood, brick, stone, concrete, plaster, metal, most plastic, most glass and fiberglass). This customer-driven technology has simplified paint removal projects giving applicators an alternative to complex, costly and time-consuming removal methods. Smart Strip™ safely and effectively removes a vast range of high-performance coatings and surface combinations, providing end-users with an efficient solution to daunting jobsite challenges. Smart Strip™ is pH neutral and can be used with or without the Dumond® Laminated Paper, however, efficacy is enhanced and the dwell-time is extended when used.



Encore 75 Black Plastic Deepwell Tray Liner Fits #45 Plastic Tray

  • Encore 3 Quart Plastic deepwell tray liner. Multi-purpose, solvent resistant tray. Deeper, professional tray holds more paint and reusable.
  • $1.19

    Encore Pail Liner 5 Quart

    Great for quick color changes
    Neatly discards for easy cost effective clean-up
    Keeps your plastic and metal pails clean and reusable
    Designed of thick and evenly constructed walls and heavy contoured bottom to help protect against leaks and spillage


    Encore White Pail W/ Handle 2 Gallon

  • Encore pails are molded from a low melt HDPE to ensure the best possible impact strength and resistance to cracking. Provide high standard shipping capabilities, eliminating danger of product contamination or loss. Encore pails are widely used for paints, coatings, varnishes, water sealants, soaps and more. Strong, uniform wall thickness. Tapered design for easy separation. Resistant to cracking. Wire handle.
  • $5.99

    Five Wire Pro Roller Frame 9"

    • For use with all standard 9" paint roller covers
    • 5-wire cage durably crafted with sturdy steel
    • Threaded handle end is compatible with most extension poles

    Flood Floetrol Clear Latex Paint Additive

    Enriches the performance of latex/acrylic paints. Formulated to eliminate brush marks and roller marks. Reduces wear and tear on spray equipment.

    $9.59 - $24.99

    Flood Penetrol Oil-Based Paint Additive

    • Use to fortify exterior oil- and alkyd-based paint (not included) for professional-looking results
    • Works to level paint (not included) for a smooth finish
    • Helps to eliminate brush marks and leveling problems
    • Suitable for use on most wood types
    • Can be used in a wide variety of weather conditions
    • Formulated for easy application with a brush (not included) or sprayer (not included)
    • Mildew resistant
    • Coverage varies depending on use
    • Subject to or will include a recycling fee in the following states: CA, OR
    • California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS
    $13.99 - $38.59

    Frogtape Delicate Surfaces Painter's Tape

    Get crisp, clean lines on your next painting project with FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape. How does it work? It’s made with exclusive PaintBlock® Technology, a super-absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape to prevent paint bleed. The result is a crisp, professional paint line. Specifically designed to work on delicate surfaces such as fresh paint, wallpaper and decorative projects, this premium grade masking tape is perfect for when you need a lower adhesion level to help prevent surface damage.

    $11.39 - $14.99

    Frogtape Multi-Surface Painter's Tape

    • Premium grade painter’s tape for most common paint applications
    • Edge-treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology for sharp paint lines
    • Recommended for use on carpet, cured painted walls, glass, metal, stone and unfinished wood
    • Removes cleanly from most surfaces for up to 21 days
    • Premium adhesion to help eliminate the need for touch-ups
    • Tape canister for clean, protected storage
    • Interior/exterior use
    • Medium adhesion
    $9.69 - $16.99

    FrogTape Pro Grade Painter's Tape

    FrogTape Pro Grade Painter’s Tape combines the sharp paint lines of PaintBlock Technology with the value of a traditional blue painter’s tape into an exclusive contractor multi-pack. FrogTape Pro Grade is treated with PaintBlock Technology, which forms a micro-barrier to seal the edges of the tape. This prevents paint bleed and delivers the sharp paint line performance you expect from the FrogTape Brand. Featuring a premium adhesive that is recommended for cured painted walls and trim, glass and metal, this blue painter’s tape removes cleanly from most surfaces for 14 days. Available only in contractor multi-pack.


    Goof Off Pro Strength All Purpose Remover

    • Removes latex paint spills, adhesives and glues
    • Eradicates sticker residue, erases ink and marker
    • Great for caulk, asphalt and tar cleanups

    Handy Pail Liner 6 Pack

    The HANDy Paint Pail Liners offer efficient clean-ups and quick color changes. Designed with a perfect fit for the HANDy Paint Pail, these liners save time and mess.


    Handy Paint Cup

    • Disposable cup holds up to a pint of paint
    • Built-in magnetic brush holder
    • Perfect for trim work and craft projects
    • Holds up to a pint of paint
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    Handy Paint Pail

    • Magnetic brush holder

    • Adjustable strap makes it comfortable to hold

    • Solvent-resistant


    Handy Paint Pail Liner 6 Pack

    The Handy Paint Pail Liners offer efficient clean-ups and quick color changes. Designed with a perfect fit for the Handy Paint Pail, these liners save time and mess.