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Fall Into Color

Summer is waning, and fall will soon be upon us. So it’s a great time to freshen up and add a little color into your home. Whether the changes are big or small, new, colorful hues will help create a warm, inviting atmosphere. We can’t think of a better way to get ready for the guests and events you’ll be hosting for the upcoming holiday season.

Here are three ways to infuse personality and add life to your home’s color scheme.

DIY Projects

Most of us have household items sitting around and taking up space. Why not give them a makeover and use them to make a statement in a bedroom, kitchen, entryway, or elsewhere? A spare chair, footstool, small table, cabinet, dresser, etc.  – these items have great potential for becoming more useful pieces. Picture a side chair in California Paints’ Siren Red, or in Frozen Blue, offering a fun pop of color in the dining room or office.

Perhaps you have a mirror or print that would offer a better contrast with a different color frame, or a drab lampshade begging for help. The right paint or finish can offer a striking new look and function for these items. With just a little time, money, and effort, a DIY project can complement your home’s design scheme, adding life and beauty to any room.

Create a Focal Point

Another way to add interest in a room is to paint one wall a different color from the rest. This fun decorating option immediately commands attention and lends a creative, eclectic flair. Accent walls always add an element of surprise, and can reflect your personality with, for example, bold hues such as Caliente, Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Color of the Year, or the surprising yet subtle shades like Blue Lake.

If accent walls aren’t your thing, consider featuring a colorful grouping of artwork or prints. Family photos with bold, hand painted frames are another great idea. Contrasting colored shelving displaying any number of mementos, pictures, books, and knick-knacks will create an engaging focal point as well.

Could your fireplace mantel use a little updating? While traditional colors such as white or black work well, consider painting it a different shade, such as a rich chocolate brown like Benjamin Moore’s Java or Green Meadows, a deep forest green. Hang an attractive mirror or painting above it and voila! You have an eye-catching and inviting focal point to gather around with family and friends.

Create an Atmosphere

When considering painting a room, most people assume that means choosing a color. This of course, is obvious. But how much thought do we give to the atmosphere this color creates? Consider the room’s purpose and how you wish it to “feel”. Is it an inviting gathering space for family and friends, such as a kitchen, dining, or living room? The functional laundry or mudroom? A home office where tasks are completed and business carried out? A bedroom designed to be a haven of relaxation and rest? Considering these factors can help guide your color selection, ultimately refreshing and adding new life to these important areas in your home.

For instance, you might invigorate a kitchen with bright citrus-y tones like Benjamin Moore’s Tangelo or Key Lime. Or create a cozy, inviting space in the living room with a neutral backdrop like Desert Tan. Lend a bright, cheery air to the laundry or mudroom with Blue Seafoam, and offer a pleasingly professional setting in the office with the quiet tones of Shadow Gray.  While you’re at it, you might relax in the master bedroom that boasts comfy and soothing shades of Meadowlands Green or Pale Iris.

Go Ahead, Fall Into Color!

Color – it warms and greets us, soothes and inspires, and helps make a house a home. With so many hues from which to choose, it’s easy to find ones that suit your tastes and furnishings. So go ahead, add some glorious color to your home. You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget, we have all the paints and stains, tools, materials, products, and knowhow to help you refresh your home with gorgeously saturated color. Stop in soon and see what our extensive selection has to offer!