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Carpet – the Unsung Hero of Flooring

We believe that carpeting is a great flooring choice. Why? It instantly softens a space, lending a quiet and inviting atmosphere. With its wonderful array of textures, colors, and environmentally friendly fibers, it’s a great choice for most any room in your home. Technological advances have made carpet easier to clean than ever, so it’s people and pet friendly every day of the week. And it’s much more affordable than you might think.

Here are four reasons to consider carpeting as your next flooring choice:

A Beautiful Complement to Your Home

Color, depth, and character – quality carpeting has these traits and more.  These features provide the perfect backdrop, adding rich luxury and personality to any room. Offered in a lavish array of hues and styles, carpet softens a space, providing a great foundation for your furnishings and décor. The interesting textures, piles, and designs available suit most any taste. From subtle snowy whites to creamy beige tones, to deeper hues, or somewhere in between, carpet will help tie all your design elements together. We love that the choices are nearly endless.

Cozy and Comfortable

Carpeting cushions our every step, surrounding us with comfort and support. Its fibers offer insulating properties, which helps keep things warm in winter and cool in summer. This means savings in the energy department, which will make your wallet happy. In addition, carpet provides the perfect setting for family gatherings, indoor recreational space for kids and guests, and that quiet spot to relax at the end of the day. Comfortable and money saving – how can you beat that?

Great Health and Safety Features

Carpet’s non-slip features offer a safe, resilient surface for everyone, from babies to the young at heart. This specially designed construction provides natural traction and lowers injury risk for all who tread upon it. In addition, the cushioned surface is easier on everyone’s joints, including your family, friends, and pets.

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, “New carpet is the lowest VOC-emitting flooring choice available. It actually acts as a passive air filter, trapping dust, pollen and other particles and removing them from the breathing zone. Studies have shown that people with asthma and allergy problems have seen symptoms improve with carpet.”

So contrary to what some might think, carpeting can be a healthy flooring option for your home. As far as we’re concerned, these are all great benefits.

Reduces Noise Levels

Our indoor spaces are filled with noise – people, TV, toys, electronic devices, appliances – you name it. Sounds reverberate throughout our homes seven days a week. Carpet absorbs noise, removing the sharp edges and softening its impact. It also softens foot traffic and insulates between floors, whether above or below, providing a more restful space. This translates into more peace and quiet for all the ears in your home.

With all these great perks and features, carpet is a smart investment for most any home or business. It offers a wonderful array of colors and design choices that provide attractive, functional, and long lasting benefits everyone will appreciate.

Don’t forget, our flooring inventory includes a great selection of carpet from trusted companies like Beaulieu, Shaw, and Stanton.  Stop by and see what our carpeting department has to offer.  With free measurements and estimates, we can assist you with the entire process from start to finish.