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Add Instant Character with Wall Planks

Looking to add some interest to your interior décor? Why not install Wall Planks? Made in Wisconsin using 100% North American wood, Wall Planks come in a gorgeous array of shades to suit any design, from classic to contemporary and everything in between. These attractive, natural wood tones add instant character, warming up your walls with style and sophistication.

The design possibilities Wall Planks lend are nearly endless.  Living and dining rooms, kitchens, offices, laundry areas and more can benefit from their eye-catching offerings.  We love them so much we recently decided to become an authorized dealer! Here are four reasons why we believe Wall Planks would be a great addition to your home:

Add Instant Personality

The look of natural wood offers character unlike anything else. Its striking beauty arrests the eye, creating a pleasing statement for all to enjoy. Since Wall Planks are available in a variety of colors from softly lighted tones to rich, dark hues, there’s one for every taste and décor selection.

Their beautiful inventory includes variations ranging from light and subtle, such as the white Picket Fence or Natural Maple, to the rich, striking brown contrasts in Calico (pictured above) or Cobalt. They even offer Unfinished Raw White Oak for you to finish as you please with your choice of paint or stain. Classic, rustic, chic, and contemporary – they have great styles to suit your tastes, furnishings, and decor.

Create a Focal Point

With their beautiful tones and textures, Wall Planks immediately command attention. From a subtle shiplap design to a rustic outdoorsy effect, these simple design elements offer the opportunity to customize any area, big or small. Use them to create a simple yet striking backdrop that complements other colors and components in the room.

For example, they are perfect for an accent wall, whether in the master suite, kitchen, or living or great room.  Beautify those spaces using Wall Planks as the canvas on which to display photos, artwork, or a television. Wall planks also work well above a fireplace mantel or behind shelving. Don’t forget, you can perk up those smaller spaces such as that cozy breakfast nook, powder room, foyer, or hallway, too.

Eco & Family Friendly

The good people at the Wall Planks Company are committed to preserving our natural resources and the environment. Their products’ materials originate from US forests and include no added formaldehyde. Finishes are water based, UV cured stains and top coats that meet the highest standards for air quality and emissions. In addition to the environmental benefits, we appreciate knowing their planks are family and pet friendly.

Easy to Install & Clean

Wall Planks are a snap to install, so they make a great weekend project. Using their easy to follow instructions, you can transform a room in no time. All you need are basic tools and little know-how, provided in this handy installation guide.

These “From the Forest” durable wood products include a shiplap edge for full wall coverage all year round.  In addition, they’re family and fingerprint friendly and low maintenance too. To clean, simply dust with a clean dry cloth or as needed, a slightly dampened cloth.

If you’re looking to infuse interest and character to your décor, consider Wall Planks. Their attractive options will lend depth and beauty to all your spaces. We’re guessing you won’t regret it!

For more inspiration on how to transform your rooms, visit the Wall Planks website, or stop by our store. We can help you choose the right look for your space, just in time for spring.