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Read All About It – Andriot’s Magazine is Here!

Andriots "At Home" – our magazine dedicated to supporting your inner decorator and paint-geek is here! At Home offers design and color inspiration, home improvement, outdoor living and recipes, decorating ideas as well discounts in our store.

The current issue’s theme is "Fall in Love with Color," Colorful hues adorn the pages offering great ideas for any room in your home.  All available at Andriots!

Here are just a few of the features you’ll find:

Advice & DIY Projects

Not sure how much paint you need for your next project? Check out our 6-step guide on the front inside cover. This handy tool offers expert advice, saving you time while taking the guesswork out of the process.

On page 10, we discuss the three P’s of painting – prepping, priming, and painting. These three elements are important for a great and lasting paint job inside or out. If you’re having a hard time choosing just which color you want to use, check out our tips on page 14. Once you make that selection, be sure and use the coupon on the front inside cover flap for $10 off a gallon of Andriot’s Private Label interior paint.

(For more info on our Private Label paint, check out our recent post.)

As for those DIY projects, we share advice about adding colorful curb appeal on page 12, with how-to info on painting your front door. Another smaller and super affordable way to lend interest to those entryways is to create a fun or striking doormat. You can find those instructions on page 22. In addition, adding a pop of color to furniture lends a splash of personality to a space, whether inside or out. Check out Tip-Toeing Into Trends on page 95 to see what a little color change can do.

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