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Introducing Andriot’s Private Label Paint

Andriot's announces its new private paint: "Andriots!" brand of interior paints!  Andriots paints are available online and in-store!  A pallette of local colors combined with paints designed to BJ Andriots exacting standard!  We are confident that this super-premium paint will suit all your interior painting needs.  For the homes of Shelbyville, and our fine commercial-use buildings.  Here are our top-three reasons why Andriot’s Interior Paints make an excellent choice for your paint job:


Andriots brand of paints use a unique formula to create super-premium finishes.  For interior surfaces, Andriots paints are 100% acrylic and ceramic reinforced.  The have a low VOC compliant formulas which boasts the latest in coatings technology.  Provides exceptional hiding power and coverage. The special ceramic additive boosts performance, enabling a higher level of durability, stain resistance, and washability-without marring!  Andriots paints offers mold and mildew resistance in paint films which are suitable for your home's bathrooms. Easy to apply with user-friendly anti-splatter additives to enhance flow, leveling, and adhesion, Andriots paints clean-up with soap and water.  

Versatile Interior Uses

Our interior paints are self-priming on all interior previously painted surfaces.   When painting directly on the substrate, ask about Andriots primers.  Designed to stick to the surface you need to paint!  Designed for home or better commercial spaces for use on walls, ceilings and trim.  Andriots paint in the choice of better new construction.  Designed for brush, rooler or spray application, Andriots gives your job a premium finish. Local colors available in all your favorite interior finishes.  Suitable for use on interior wood, brick, stone, concrete, cement block, plaster, wallboard and other drywall, and metal.

Available in matte, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes, Andriots finishes are washable, and ready to look good through years of use.  Paint your living room, basement, kitchen, bath and other interior spaces.

Color Match

Able to match your pillow, rug, curtain, wallpaper or existing paint sample, our moisture resistant paints will then remain that color, for years!  Andriots rich, and true hues will remain rich and true.


Andriots brand of paints.  Because the name on the label should match the name on the building!

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1/19/2021 9:53 AM
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