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Make Floors Sparkle with Metallic Epoxy



One way to make a bold and colorful flooring statement is to use Simiron Metallic Epoxy. This unique metallic additive adds pigment to clear epoxy finishes, creating a beautiful and striking statement for any space. It offers an arresting, three-dimensional look that’s distinctive and functional for most any home or business.


Here are three reasons why we recommend using Simiron Metallic Epoxy:


It Suits Most Any Space


Metallic Epoxy adds life and personality to residential flooring. From kitchens and baths, hallways and rec rooms, to garages, workshops, and other utility areas, it adds life, sparkle, and shine to everyday living. Commercial uses abound as well – from showrooms and salon floors, to schools, office buildings, and restaurants, it’s designed to complement function and décor. We like the fact that it suits most any use and purpose.


It Makes a Striking Statement


Finished floors greet your family and visitors in a unique manner, immersing them into a rich color experience like no other. Deep and varied hues, from fiery reds, smoky grays, and dramatic ocean blues to lush greens, majestic purples, and rich, earthy browns, to name a few, offer texture and exquisite beauty. To say that these floors enhance any room is an understatement. They provide a stunning three-dimensional canvas on which to decorate, offering the illusion of deep swirling waves and undulating currents. Since we’re all about color here at Andriots, we love this feature.


It’s Durable & Easy to Clean


The finish holds up well to traffic, whether in residential or commercial spaces. Its hard-wearing surface is high gloss and abrasive and impact resistant. This means that all feet, whether human or of the four-legged variety, are welcome to tread upon it. It’s easy to maintain too, so clean up isn’t a problem. That’s another huge plus!


Application is straightforward and simple too, so whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or are hiring a contractor, it’ll be a breeze from start to finish.  Of course, since we carry Simiron Metallic Epoxy, we can supply all the products, tools, and advice you need.


As you may have already guessed, Simiron Metallic Epoxy is just an all around great floor finish option. It holds up well while beautifying most any space. The best part is that every finished floor is unique, so you can truly say yours is one of a kind. Stop in soon to check out the vibrant color options available. We can help you make the possibilities a reality!