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6 Reasons to Choose an “EGG”ceptional Grill




What pairs well with summer gatherings? A barbecue, of course! If you’re looking for a new grill, we highly recommend the Big Green Egg. This “EGG”ceptional outdoor cooking system stands head and shoulders above the competition. What’s so special about this grill? Here are 6 reasons why it’s our favorite:


1 – It’s in a Class by Itself


Nicknamed “The Ultimate Cooking Experience”, the Big Green Egg offers unique, year round cooking opportunities. It combines ancient culinary methods with modern technology for a top notch grilling experience.


2 – It’s User Friendly


You will appreciate the Big Green Egg’s distinctive design and features, whether you’re an expert chef, a novice, or of a skill somewhere in between. Available in several sizes to suit your needs and outdoor space, its premium lump charcoal is a snap to light. The precise temperature control feature also allows you to easily monitor the cooking process.


3 – It’s Versatile


The Big Green Egg doesn’t just make great hot dogs and ribs, its unique system can cook up just about anything, from steaks and burgers to pizza and calzones, bread, and cookies, It is a capable grill, oven, and smoker, and can handle your meals from tasty appetizers to delectable desserts.


4 – It’s Designed to Satisfy a Hungry Crowd 


We’re speaking from experience here – it just makes food taste better! The Big Green Egg’s insulated ceramic construction heats evenly, retaining food’s natural juices and flavor, keeping it moist and tasty.


5 – It Has Custom Accessories


The Big Green Egg’s EGGcessories include covers, custom islands, and tables as well as tools and cookware. They even have special seasonings, sauces, and cookbooks too. This fine company supplies pretty much everything you need except the food.


6 – It Has a Lifetime Warranty


The Big Green Egg Company has stood behind their products for over 25 years. Not only do they have great customer service, they offer a lifetime warranty. They’re willing to make things right if for some reason you aren’t happy.


Need we say more? We think so highly of this special grill we became an authorized dealer. From cooking to clean up, it offers an amazingly delicious culinary adventure. If you’d like a closer look at the Big Green Egg, stop by and see us. We’ll be happy to better acquaint you with its features and accessories.


Fourth of July Big Green Egg Sale!


Stop in and check out our special 4th of July discounts on our stock of Big Green Egg grills.


Shelbyville EGGfest 2017


Visit our website’s EGGfest page for details on this year’s EGGfest. On Saturday, July 29, 2017, 9 am – 2 pm, we’ll be grilling with the Big Green Egg and hosting vendors for this special event.  Proceeds will benefit Father’s Love Outreach. Call us at 633-1944 or stop by for more details.