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Control Pests Safely with Bee Stop


We love the warm, sunny days of spring and summer! They provide the perfect backdrop for fun outdoor activities and home improvement projects. Insects enjoy this time of year too, and although they serve their purpose in the ecosystem, they can sometimes create problems for homeowners.


For example, Carpenter bees make their nests by tunneling into wood, which means they regularly target decks, furniture, and outdoor structures. Similarly, wasps often build nests in inconvenient spots, which can hinder outdoor activities, allow unwanted access into your home, and offer a greater risk of being stung. Fleas, ants, and mosquitoes, found inside and out, can be nuisances as well.


While our goal is to amicably coexist with these creatures to let them serve their intended purposes, we often need to deal with insects to keep our family safe and property intact. Insect repellent and deterrent solutions vary, from sprays and powders to flyswatters and traps, but they can be inconvenient, costly, messy, and/or hazardous to our health.


One cost effective and easy to use product we recommend is Citri Fresh Bee Stop. It’s an all-natural, environmentally friendly solution that repels insects such as carpenter bees, wasps, mosquitoes, fleas, ants, Japanese beetles, Palmetto bugs, and roaches. This long lasting, ready to use liquid can be used indoors and outside, and is safe for people, animals, and plants. Its non-corrosive formula contains no acid or bleach, and is biodegradable.


How exactly does Bee Stop work? It contains a blend of citrus and tea tree oils. Bees and other insects hate this scent, and avoid areas where it is applied. As a natural deterrent, Bee Stop’s application targets, controls, and maintains the areas that you wish to keep insect free.  This translates into safer, more pleasant spaces inside and out, for your family, friends, and pets. We think this is a very good thing.


We carry Bee Stop, so if insects in and around your home are “bugging” you, stop by and see us. Don’t let these unwanted intruders spoil your spring and summer plans!