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Four Reasons to Shop Local



We’re all for shopping local and it’s not just because we’re located in beautiful downtown Shelbyville. We believe that local businesses have much to offer, not just in products, but in friendly service too. There are many reasons to shop locally; here are four of our favorites.


It’s an Investment in the Community


When you shop locally, you’re investing in our community. Your hard-earned dollars largely stay within the county, boosting the economy. Shopping here helps create and sustain jobs. It also helps fund municipal services, everything from schools and maintenance to emergency, fire, and police departments. Statistics show that nearly 75% of every $100 spent in hometown businesses stays in the local economy. Contrast that with about 40% of every $100 spent at non-local based establishments. Studies also show that local businesses have greater financial and other impacts on local charities and community groups. This, of course, benefits you and your family, friends, and neighbors. It’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.


It’s a Way to Make Valuable Connections


Great connections build strong communities. When you frequent local businesses, you have an opportunity to get to know the owners and their employees. These fine people are your neighbors and fellow citizens, ones who, just like you, want the community to thrive. Patronizing neighborhood establishments can help build relationships and offer a sense of connectivity in this oft too busy world. Strong communities do well in the lean and good times, providing benefits for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest residents. We think that’s a very good thing.


Local Businesses Offer Expertise & Great Service


Local business owners and employees are usually the most knowledgeable and passionate about their products and services. They are proactive and well informed, and their knowledge and inventory reflects local needs and preferences. These fine merchants often go the extra mile just for you. Whether selling paint, flooring, antiques, clothing, delicious cuisine, or a host of other useful and wonderful goods, these businesses want ongoing relationships with satisfied customers. Here at Andriot’s, that’s what we want too.


Local Merchants Offer Quality Products


Community businesses stake their reputation on offering quality products to their fellow citizens. From the necessary everyday items, to homegrown produce and hand made one-of-a-kind gifts, local businesses offer something for everyone.  Their wide range of products provides varied choices for residents. This distinctive combination contributes to the community’s value, sustainability, and unique personality. At Andriot’s, we think Shelbyville’s offerings are top notch.


Shopping locally isn’t just about dollars and cents; it offers benefits we all can appreciate. Conveniences include a shorter drive, personalized service, smaller crowds, and less time in the checkout line. This allows more time for you to do the things you enjoy most, like spending time with family and friends.  So next time you’re considering purchasing goods or services, consider shopping at your local retailers. We appreciate your business!