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What Can Graber Window Treatments Do for You?



We’re excited about Graber window treatments! Why? Well, for one thing, they offer a great way to help your windows and doors function better while looking fabulous. Available in a variety of colors, textures, and materials such as wood, faux wood, fabric, and vinyl, Graber products also add personality to your home or office.


As if that isn’t enough, here are a few more reasons why Graber window treatments are a good choice:


Energy Efficiency


Graber Blinds and Shades help conserve energy, keeping rooms cool or warm as weather and seasons dictate.  They serve to insulate windows, helping maintain appropriate indoor temperatures.  For example, their CrystalPleat® Cellular Shades boast “soft, luxurious fabrics folded into honeycomb-shaped cells” designed to help rooms stay comfortable all year long. Graber’s Vertical Blinds offer similar money saving features for large windows and patio doors. What does this mean? In addition to keeping your family comfortable, it saves you money on heating and cooling in the long run. We’re all for that.


Light Control and Privacy


Graber offers a variety of window treatment choices; whether you want to protect your furniture and floor coverings from harmful UV rays, create a private family environment, control daytime glare or intrusive nighttime light, or all of the above. Available options include Graber’s Motorized Blinds and Shades, which make these tasks even easier, with convenient, user friendly features. The right window treatment can be a big asset in protecting your loved ones and securing your home. We think these are great benefits.




In the business for over 70 years, Graber’s safety standards are top notch. Their window treatment features are engineered to help keep your children and pets safe, using for example, specially designed tension pulleys and tassel cords that reduce the risk of entanglement. Their stylish line of products also offers cordless and motorized lift options. Graber’s website includes additional guidelines to help educate the public about important safe guarding measures. Their attention to detail in the safety department is important to us.


Great Style


Graber’s inventory includes a stylish selection of shades and blinds, from vertical and horizontal window blinds to exterior porch and patio shades. They offer a large variety of colors and designs in classic, contemporary, and elegant styles, manufactured with their special dust, stain, and scratch resistant finishes. Graber’s window treatments not only offer function, but depth and character to any room. Their rich, well-appointed options will complement any décor in your home or business.  We like working with a company that values not only function, but great style.


We might be just a bit partial, since we sell and install Graber window treatments. But there’s no denying the great benefits this fine company offers. With products to fit most anyone’s requirements and preferences, they’re an excellent choice for your window treatment needs.


Just so you know, our in home consultation and measurements are free, and we’d be pleased to guide you through the window treatment selection process. Be sure to check out the Graber sale details below; they’re good now through February 28.


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