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Beat the Winter Blues with a Splash of Color




Are the cold, dreary days of winter getting you down? While we can’t change the weather, we can brighten up the interior of our homes with a splash of color. All it takes is a little ingenuity combined with the great coverage and colors of Benjamin Moore paint to spruce up those indoor spaces in a snap.


Here are a few suggestions and tips to get you started:


Bring in the Sunshine


Nothing brightens a space like vibrant yellow walls. Why not wake up the gang with a hearty breakfast where kitchen walls boast the sunny tones of Cheerful? Or, you might entertain guests in the family room clothed in another golden favorite, Sunbeam. Hues abound, from brilliant lemony shades to rich butterscotches, honeyed mustards, and crisp pineapples. These sunshine-y colors offer a happy respite from dreary winter days.


Soothe and Relax


Soft and lovely blues and greens have long offered soothing tones, providing a reprieve from the daily grind. Give yourself some room to breathe while you kick back, relaxing amidst walls saturated in the gentle, timeless greens of Buckingham Gardens or Antique Jade. Or perhaps you’d prefer R&R immersed in the sky blue inspired Sea to Shining Sea or the restful, azure tint of Oceanfront. Let these or similar peaceful hues help your winter cares to float far, far away.


Brighten with Bold Tones


Make a statement with striking colors. Whether an entire room or an accent wall or two, color can do wonders to energize your home and mindset. Infuse those spaces with invigorating crimson hues like Poppy, or the rich, majestic plum of Fire and Ice. Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Color of the Year,  Shadow, is another deep, intriguing option that will lend unique personality to any room. These bold choices can create a happy environment no matter what the temperature is outside.


How to Find the Perfect Color


Sometimes the perfect color hits you right away, other times it can be more elusive. In those instances, a little help comes in handy. Here are a few ideas to assist you:


1) Consider the room’s color scheme. Use an “anchor” fabric that contains colors that provide a starting point, lending inspiration and direction.  Nine Steps to Picking the Right Color Palette offers more helpful suggestions to guide you through this process.


2) Consider the room’s function. A family room, for example, might feature bright, fun colors, while the master bedroom’s tones could be quiet and soothing. Check out Ten Tips for Picking Paint Colors for more insight; it discusses “color psychology” and how these tones can set the mood in a room.


3) Consider your tastes. The Benjamin Moore “Find Your Color” tool can help find your perfect match. This handy online feature offers tips for selecting the right hue, from color collections to inspiration and advice for every room in the house.


4) Stop in and browse our inventory of color swatches. Our extensive selection contains just about any shade your imagination can concoct. We’ll be glad to help you choose not only the right color, but also all the related tools you’ll need to do the job right.


So go ahead, beat those winter blues with a fresh burst of color! It’s a great way to brighten your home while counting the days until spring.



Image: Benjamin Moore