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Home Improvement Resolutions




A new year often brings thoughts of a fresh start for personal goals such as weight loss or exercise habits. But have you ever considered making home improvement resolutions?


January is a good time to assess your home’s maintenance needs, general improvements, and upgrades.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Make Up a Home Maintenance Schedule


Use the seasons to help map out the year’s tasks and projects. For example, fall and early winter are good times to winterize your home, doing tasks such as leaf clean up and deck/outdoor structure inspection, and replacing weather stripping around doors and windows. This is also a good time to replace filters in the heating system to help keep it running efficiently.


Spring is a good time to survey the roof and gutters for areas in need of repair and debris that’s accumulated during the winter. Other exterior areas, such as chimneys, porches, patios, and sheds will benefit from an inspection too. As for the interior of your home, it’s a good time to replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and clean or vacuum draperies and furniture.


Late spring and summer offer the perfect backdrop for planting and keeping flowerbeds and garden areas in shape. The weather’s great for exterior painting projects and related upkeep too. Don’t forget, with barbecue season in full swing, it’s also a good time to see if the grill needs repairs or upgrades.


An indoor or outdoor maintenance schedule doesn’t have to be dictated by seasons, particularly when weather’s not a factor. But it can serve as a reminder, supplying checkpoints to help get tasks accomplished, and prevent them from piling up and becoming overwhelming.


Clean Out & Organize


Since the winter months often keep us indoors, it’s a good time to clean out and organize our stuff. Everything from toy boxes, closets, and drawers, to kitchen cabinets, attics, and garages have a tendency to accumulate more items than we have need of or time to use.


There are many tools to facilitate organization, such as underbed storage boxes, closet shelving systems, and handy baskets or bins. Although these organizers are helpful, you don’t always need to spend money on them to declutter and get things in order. Often all that’s necessary is to assess what you need to keep, donate, or throw away, and then organize each area as you go.


If a whole house purge seems too daunting, start small. Begin with the kitchen junk drawer. Then move to the pantry, file cabinet, or linen closet. Whether you decide to declutter room by room or one drawer at a time, you’ll reap big results by year’s end. You’ll enjoy more space, less clutter, and an enhanced efficiency throughout your home. We often don’t realize how much “stuff” weighs us down until we declutter and organize.


Refresh Your Décor


January’s a good time to make a home décor wish list. This list can help provide a bigger picture of the year’s possible improvements. Upgrades such as wall color and other interior design elements, window treatments, carpet, hardwood and vinyl flooring can help refresh your home, adding new life and personality.


If you’ve been wanting to paint the kitchen, for instance, or meaning to check out hardwood options for the living room, add those projects to the wish list. You might want to perk up the dining room walls using Shadow, Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Color of the Year, for example, or brighten up the bath with Mt. Pleasant Pine from COREtec’s vinyl flooring line. Other items like bookshelves, tile backsplash, refinished furniture, new throw pillows or bedding, wall hangings, and table linens can also be included on the list.


While you may not accomplish every project on the wish list this year, you can use it to set long-term goals, finding creative design and budgetary options along the way.


A Beautiful Plan


The beauty of making home improvement resolutions now is that you can spread items out during the year, scheduling tasks to suit your resources and schedule. An overall plan keeps projects manageable and budget friendly.


Let us know if we can help facilitate any of your home improvement resolutions this year. Happy New Year!