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7 Reasons Why We Love California Paints


We carry an assortment of great products to help beautify your home, and this month we’re spotlighting California Paints, a leader in the paint and stain industry. They’ve been one of our favorites for as long as we can remember. Here are 7 reasons why they’ve earned our admiration and trust.


1) They Offer Quality Products.


Since 1930, California Paints has been an innovative manufacturer of high quality interior and exterior paint, industrial, and specialty products. Their popular paints and stains are durable and available in a myriad of colors. From their interior and green paint options such as low/no VOC paint to resilient exterior finishes, California Paints can cover almost any every surface inside or out.


2) They Offer the Perfect Color Palette System.


The California Paints’ Perfect Color Palette system helps you choose just the right shade, taking the guesswork out of the process. Voted #1 color palette by interior designers, the hues cover the full range of traditional, trendy, classic, accent, and white selections. This system showcases 1,696 colors, many of which are overlooked by other paint brands.


3) They Offer a Wide Range of Interior & Exterior Products.


California Paints’ exterior products include Storm System Stains and Finishes for decks and other outdoor surfaces. They come in a variety of colors and finishes and are designed to handle whatever the weather throws their way. Another favorite, the Fres-Coat Exterior Paint, is rated #1 in an independent study and is 100% acrylic, resists water, alkali, and mildew. This versatile paint is available in Velvet Flat, Satin Gloss & Low Lustre bases too.


Their interior paint products suit every room and are available in a wide range of classic whites and historical hues as well as traditional and trendy tints. The Super Scrub line has a ceramic waterborne technology that features exceptional stain resistance as well as antimicrobial protection. From prepping and trim finishes to wall and cabinet paints, their interior products have you covered.


4) They Offer Advice & Inspiration.


From how-to painting basics, product selection, and interior and exterior project design ideas, the California Paints’ site offers user friendly tips and tools that guide you through the process. Are you unsure of how to prepare your surfaces for paint? They cover that too, in their handy online guide. Primers and sealers also get coverage (no pun intended!), so you know what to do from start to finish.


They also offer solutions to common interior paint problems, such as chalking, blocking, and flaking, and address exterior issues like blistering, alligatoring, and fading. Novice or pro, they share reliable advice for most any project you want to tackle.


5) Their Products are Made in the United States.


California Paints are produced in their state of the art facility in Andover, MA. Pioneers in the industry, their innovative and rigorously tested formulas comply with EPA standards as well as the strictest OTC (Ozone Transport Commission) guidelines. Their products are sold exclusively through expert, quality independent dealers specially chosen to help customers “create beautiful environments with California’s paint and stain products.”


6) They Are Environmentally Conscious.


The California Paints’ Mission Statement:


“Our Planet is a sacred place that commands respect and deserves the utmost care and preservation. As sensitive global citizens and environmental stewards, California Paints realizes this responsibility and continuously strives to minimize environmental impact throughout every stage of the manufacturing and application process.”   


They take this responsibility seriously at their self contained, state of the art, manufacturing plant. Its custom design minimizes the chance of environmental contamination with indoor offloading areas and other special safety features. Their commitment to recycling and waste reduction extends to all parts of the manufacturing process. Their color cards are even printed on 100% recycled paper.


7) They Are Offering a Sale!


The California Paints’ Labor Day Sale runs now through September 12, 2016. Get a $5 rebate on a 1-gallon can or $20 off a 5-gallon pail of the following products:


Storm System Stains and Finishes

California Paints 2010 & Fres-Coat Exterior

Graham Aqua Borne Ceramic Exterior

Muralo Ultimate Exterior

Gray Seal Pro Plastic Exterior


We’re proud to be an exclusive dealer of California Paints. From the saturated color and excellent coverage to the high quality and long lasting durability, their products are among the very best. Stop in soon and check out our inventory. We’ll be happy to help you select the right one for your projects.


Have a safe and Happy Labor Day!