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Painting Up Some Family Fun



Summer is the perfect season to share quality time with your kids. Since paint is one of our specialties, we have a few ideas on how you can paint up some family fun. Whether your gang is little, big, or somewhere in between, painting projects can help stir creativity while building great memories.


Paint themed projects are a good way to allow kids to dabble in the arts. Finger paints and watercolors, for example, offer easy opportunities to foster creativity. Homemade paints are great fun too, like this edible finger paint for toddlers and shaving cream bath paint.


Your older kids might enjoy checking out the California Paint Company’s Color Wheel page. Not only do the charts illustrate the color wheel, they explain the dynamics of monochromatic and complementary colors, as well as hues, tints, and shades. This comes in handy, for instance, because it offers insight for great combinations If your teens are looking to paint their room with more than one color.


Even if your kids are too young to paint walls, it might be fun to let them help select colors. Little imaginations know no bounds and can offer a refreshing perspective. A makeover with Benjamin Moore’s cheerful  Fresh Lime or the soothing blue of Splish Splash by California Paints might make the bedtime routine a little more enjoyable. Don’t worry, if their choice is too dramatic for your taste, the colors come in similar friendly hues to notch it down a bit.


Chalkboard paint is a great way to add interest and function to the playroom, kids’ rooms, or almost any other room in your home. Painting a wall or piece of furniture instantly transforms it into a purposeful venue. Whether for the kids’ artwork, a menu board, family message center, or as an organizational tool, chalkboard paint provides lasting value and usefulness. Check out the Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint Idea page for pictures and more clever ideas.


Are flea markets and yard sales a summer family affair? Debating how to refinish that gently used dresser or table you and the gang picked up? Stop by our store and we’ll help you choose the right colors and products to turn those thrifty finds into fabulous treasures.


Or, if you need a little colorful inspiration for the next family project, check out our Mistints shelf. We have an ever-changing assortment of paints looking for a good home.  Our budget friendly Mistints are the “perfect color by accident” that just might be the right fit for your home.


Activities, from arts and crafts projects to painting walls and furniture can help expand a child’s creativity and horizons while helping build good family relationships. Why not paint up a fun project today?